Closed Type Generators

Closed Type Generator

Techno Power has been a pioneer in the Qatari market for electric generators for providing various types of generators with the lowest prices of high quality generators. Among these types are Techno Power, Perkins agent,

Generated Diesel Generators The Canopy- close type generator  is designed to extinguish the noise and noise generated by an electric generator by the cutters at its entrance and exit. The muffler is made of solid steel plates with great thicknesses, with chairs made at the generator base. the noise

Noise Absorbing Ducting. The sets have attenuation on all Air Inlets and Outlets Oversized muffler results in lower sound levels

A.V.M. and high-strength material. The frame and canopy are built with a high-strength material. All doors and movable fixtures are engineered to minimize vibration

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