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Tower Light

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The most dynamic winch-worked tower light accessible, the LT6600 contains a mind-boggling commitment trailer, four floodlights and a diesel-driven generator set mounted in a weatherproof fenced-in zone for quiet operation. Head control and examining are less requesting with the united control board and total securities to the diesel engine. The TOWER LIGHT  LT6600 has premium features not available on other connection worked light towers, for instance, long-life energized


apex regions and a retractable electrical cable. With strong Stamford alternator.


Deep sea controller

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There are many options available in dse controller and engine applications

  • Manual/ auto start control                                       (MS/AS)
  • Auto mains (utility)control failure control           (AMF)
  • Engine only control                                                   (E)
  • Synchronising and load sharing control               (LS)
  • Lighting tower control                                              (L)
  • Expansion Type                                                          (EX)

and power supplies for industrial applications

  • Deep Sea Controllers in Qatar
  • Battery charges                           (BC)
  • Self-seeking power supplies     (SSP)
  • Intelligent battery charges        (IBC)
  • Power supplies                             (PS)


Auto Transfer Switch

A range of modules for automatic transfer switch control

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Techno power offers the best types of deep sea controller

to generate the largest electrical charge while increasing the level of safety and control through manual and automatic keys
In addition, it provides the leading English and French generators in the world at the lowest possible cost with a team of technicians and engineers specialized in the amount of energy required in your organization and install the generators and tower light with the highest level of quality and efficiency
Thus generating a great deal of energy suited to your needs with the highest level of protection and quality

Synchronization Panel

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synchronization panel is fundamentally arranged and used to meet power structure essentials. These sheets give manual and furthermore the customized synchronizing limit with regards to no less than one generator breakers up to 32 generators in parallel, they are extensively used as a piece of synchronizing generators and offering multiplexing courses of action.


A Generator Control Unit: This unit Deep Sea Controller (made-in-UK) normally organizes the generator repeat and voltage levels with that of the vehicle.

A panel Unit: Sends the end charge to the breaker at the right depiction of stage event.

A  Check Relay: Performs the dynamic limit of affirming voltage and stage edge conditions and ensuring that they are inside preset cutoff focuses, prior empowering the breaker to close.

Key features of synchronization panel

  • Various combinations of load transformer by ACBs, MCCBs or contractors
  • Automatic & manual panel
  • Factory built to client’s specification
  • Load sharing/load shedding
  • Load management
  • 3 – pole or 4 pole system as required
  • Remote SCADA monitoring/web net
  • Advance integral PLC editor