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Best generator suppliers for Perkins Spare parts in Qatar | 2018

Posted by admin on 27 September ,2018 , 5:14 pm Generator Blog

Qatar is an important commercial center in the Middle East in general and in the Gulf region in particular generator suppliers .

It is in this context that the interest of major international companies in the presence of the market in Qatar by providing agents to contribute to the provision of services and generator spare parts at a competitive price.


and industrial solutions company, has positioned itself in the Qatari market by selecting Techno Power as generator suppliers its agent for its spread, reliability and strength in the Qatari market generator suppliers and for its ability to gain the confidence of more customers through its long history of service delivery. generator spare parts are priced at a competitive price.

perkins spare parts is one of the world’s pre-noticeable suppliers

of diesel and gas ‎engines. It would like to ‎set checks of arranging perfection, giving the most ‎total degree of innovative and solid ‎power blueprints, exceptionally ‎crafted to meet the right basics of the clients. ‎

perkins spare parts has ceaselessly construct just in light

of the structure and make of ‎engines. ‎Presently, engines expand is away for the common, ‎improvement, mechanical, control age and ‎material overseeing parts in ‎the 4-2000 kW (5-2800 hp) go. ‎

The perkins spare parts present day generator spare parts

thing run stretches out from the immaterial ‎‎400 Series engines, ‎creating 50 kW (67 hp), to the 1200 Series, ‎conveying up to 240 kW (320 hp) and offering ‎improved efficiency ‎and straightforwardness of proprietorship. ‎

Past that generator suppliers , the Perkins electric power and gas motor stretch out solidifies ‎moreover models ‎up to the 4000 Series, which pass on up to 2500 kVA ‎‎(2000 kWe). ‎

Over the reaches, there are perkins spare parts anticipated that would meet all flood ‎standards and ‎execution necessities in excess of 800 applications. Each ‎one of them can be revamped ‎to meet the particular necessities of individual ‎rigging creators. ‎

Because of the broad of perkins spare parts, the organization needed to give ‎a enormous system of providers’ equivalent with the scope of Perkins ‎ generator spare parts of various sorts and uses.‎


in conveying items and administrations in ‎line with or surpassing client needs. The organization is attempting to ‎provide a quicker conveyance administration to the client keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish the ‎advantage in the administration of clients from different contenders, ‎regardless of the cost factor.‎

Techno Power generator suppliers is completely mindful of the necessities of the Qatari market ‎customers, because of its investigation of the market and the information of its ‎needs specially perkins spare parts  Along these lines, the organization gives save generator spare parts that are steady ‎with the necessities of the clients and their prerequisites, not just that, ‎the organization attempts to take after its clients consistently to address their issues ‎and meet them In a convenient way immediately, so as to ‎achieve the standard of dependability, which makes Techno Power a ‎resource deserving of confidence.‎

Techno Power is attempting to accomplish the troublesome condition in the exchange ‎off  generator spare parts between a few factors in the buying procedure, to be specific, the ‎balance between cost, unwavering quality, quality and administration, since not ‎necessarily the most reduced cost is the best an generator spare parts for money.‎

The uniqueness of generator suppliers Techno Power for its clients,

with its administrations and ‎products generator spare parts , dependably makes it among the other contending organizations, which ‎has made it the most imperative client in the Qatari market.‎

Techno Power is quick to be available and spread to serve the biggest ‎number of clients and spare time and exertion in the administration ‎performance. The organization is anticipating acquainting its ‎customers with the shopping center by methods for various means,‎ generator spare parts

  •        ‎Direct contact with clients and speak with them through ‎telephone or through delegates.‎
  •        ‎Participate in different displays identified with a similar action, which is ‎the most ideal approach to bargain specifically with people in general and view everything that is ‎new, and the nitty gritty meaning of the organization’s movement and administrations ‎provided, notwithstanding being a chance to procure new customers from generator suppliers .‎
  •        ‎Presence on the Internet through the official site of the organization, ‎which is portrayed by alluring outline and offer to numerous administrations ‎that make it simpler for clients to know the news of the organization and ‎receive asks for and ask about extra perkins spare parts available.‎
  •        ‎Presence in professional resources, for example generator suppliers , Yellow Pages and Thomson for ‎easy access to the organization and communication.‎


We have just said that the value factor isn’t the main standard ‎in picking the best provider. Low costs may reflect low quality and low ‎quality products. Techno Power guarantees the nature of extra generator spare parts for ‎Perkins generator spare parts as their approved operator and extra parts generator spare parts. Are the ‎original pieces and have a guarantee period ensuring the retrieval.‎

The organization additionally offers here and now settled term value offers, and furthermore ‎offers its clients uncommon rates and rebates for long haul contracts ‎or expansive orders.‎

Then again, Techno Power offers its administrations without the utilization of ‎subcontractors to guarantee nature of administration gave and perkins spare parts sold.‎

generator suppliers Techno Power comprehends the significance of your business,

so ‎choosing Techno Power Cord is a noteworthy and vital advance to guarantee that ‎your organization is your accomplice and supporter of your prosperity and ‎development. Client dedication is the center of the organization’s approach of ‎dealing with its customers.‎


The most important things when purchasing used Cummins Generators

Posted by admin on 4 March ,2018 , 12:00 pm Generator Blog

The most important things



There are several nice advantages to buying a pre-owned or low-hour used generator. corporations that square measure each giant and little habitually purchase generators that square measurepre-owned units as a result of it’s usually the foremost efficient thanks to get high-quality industrial assets and/or significant instrumentality. However, there are variety of things and concerns that has got to be taken under consideration before creating the particular purchase, that is in fact the most purpose of this text.

To begin, it all starts with selecting the correct generator for your specific power necessities. For a lot of infothereon, see our different article on decisive the scale of generator. Once you’ve got determined the scaleless want, then it is time to begin staring at variety of different factors

The Used Cummins Generators For Sale

If you have the market for manufacturing cummins spare parts and and cummins generator ,you have to come to the right place as you can purchase new and used equipment t. There is a squab set of prime brands to select from, including tractor and Cummins. When you take buying decision, you have to determine your power generation needs so as to select the most suitable equipment. There are many of  interest purchasing used industrial generator sets  One of the most important considerations when buy a used generator is the manufacture. You want to be make sure that you’re getting a high quality product with outstanding reputation, for performance and immortality


Power machinery is pleased to offer the generator sets Open Type Generators like Cummins generators for sale  and cummins rs13a generator from 9 kVA to 2500 kVA in generating the system with a unit Cummins diesel generator  is a mostly recognized world leader with comprehensive expertise in all aspects of genset design, manufacturing and generator service. is your one-stop nationwide resource for credible used cummins power generation, from light commercial to heavy industrial applications. Whether you need dependable used diesel generator spare parts like perkins spare parts to provide standby/emergency power or a hard-working .used natural gas generator to serve as a continuous power source, you’re sure to find the best product at an affordable price right here. Units can range from 25kW to 2500kW to meet various power generation requirements.

Nothing is as important as the goodness of the products we sell. That’s because we only offer  generator rental from reputable manufacturers such as Cummins. We take the time to fully examine

each generator parts and performs whatever repair/refurbishing work is necessary to restore it to like-new condition.


Techno power seeking of how we to achieve total customer satisfaction is by offering  cummins generator service an assortment of valuable support generator services. Our expert staff is available 24/7 per week to assist you with product selection so you can choose the best generator parts for your needs and budget.

We’ve also build a wide network of installers and other power generation professionals to enclose your used Cummins generator meets your execution expectations. If you’re looking for diesel engines for sale, Techno Power can help! Our product includes the generator rental, generator spare parts that can provide the power for all types of generator parts used in multiple industrial and commercial applications

We Also Offer Cummins Engines for Sale – perkins spare parts

If you’re looking for Cummins diesel engines for sale, or perkins spare parts Woodstock Power can help! Our inventory includes the revolutionary Cummins engines that can provide the power for all types of generator sets used in multiple industrial and commercial applications.

Techno power Offer generator for rent Cummins Engines

If you’re search for Cummins generator for rent, generators hire techno Power can help! Our inventory includes the engines- generator spare parts that can provide the power for all types of generator parts used in multiple industrial and commercial applications. Visit Our Online Inventory of High-Quality Used Generators

Finally once you have decided what size / power output you will need, several further factors need to be taken into account before making your choice:

  1. Age
  2. History
  3. Usage (Prime, Standby or emergency)
  4. Manufacturer
  5. Any damage/wear and tear
  6. Load test results

Review Our Online Inventory of High-Quality Used Cummins Generators

The fast and easy way to learn more about our used Cummins equipment inventory is by reviewing our current inventory online. You can also contact us by phone or email for extra product and pricing information

Techno Power offers the largest range of spare parts for electric generators

of all types and models, both parts of perkins spare parts  cuminz original English and French leading the lowest prices in the Arab world and the national market, a large difference from the competitors in the generator market
You can now buy any of the original generator parts with a warranty guaranteeing you the efficiency and the product’s viability and the presence of specialized technicians to install and operate the generator again

Deep sea controller

Posted by admin on 27 August ,2017 , 3:20 pm Generator Blog Products


There are many options available in dse controller and engine applications

  • Manual/ auto start control                                       (MS/AS)
  • Auto mains (utility)control failure control           (AMF)
  • Engine only control                                                   (E)
  • Synchronising and load sharing control               (LS)
  • Lighting tower control                                              (L)
  • Expansion Type                                                          (EX)

and power supplies for industrial applications

  • Deep Sea Controllers in Qatar
  • Battery charges                           (BC)
  • Self-seeking power supplies     (SSP)
  • Intelligent battery charges        (IBC)
  • Power supplies                             (PS)


Auto Transfer Switch

A range of modules for automatic transfer switch control

More information about dse controller in Qatar, Get in touch with us Today!

Techno power offers the best types of deep sea controller

to generate the largest electrical charge while increasing the level of safety and control through manual and automatic keys
In addition, it provides the leading English and French generators in the world at the lowest possible cost with a team of technicians and engineers specialized in the amount of energy required in your organization and install the generators and tower light with the highest level of quality and efficiency
Thus generating a great deal of energy suited to your needs with the highest level of protection and quality