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Techno Power Qatar

  • About Us;Techno Power is now in Qatar!

    We’re the expert in this field, and we are keen to deliver you the highest quality of products that could improve your business. We’re the best supplier in design, manufacture, and importing the UK assembled generators.

Why Techno Power? Generator Service, generator spare parts



  • And we provide some other related products like diesel generators sets, ATS panels & Synchronizing panels, Cummins generators, Diesel tanks, full solution for Rental power, Perkins generator and Complete range of Deep-sea controllers from the UK.

    In addition to that, we are also providing you with all spare part, maintenance, technical support, and after-sale services.

    Our services are now available in Qatar don’t hesitate to call us.


    Why Techno Power?

    – Meeting customer needs and demands: We have a complete range of stock spare parts and generating sets to cover all customer’s needs.


    – High technical standards: Quality is our key to success, and we aim to deliver the best quality of our products to our customers on international standards of quality. We test all of our products before getting launched.


    – Competitive advantage: What makes us unique is that we keep improving the technology we use and the products we advance. That’s why we always try to co-operate and co-develop with great partners to give you the best service.


    – Highly skilled engineers: We’ve highly trained employees and engineers that are working on delivering the best generators to gain customer’s satisfaction.


    – Maintenance services: We guarantee you the whole after-sale services and maintenance to fix any defects that could happen.


    – Follow-up: We offer you the-clock-on-call service which we can help you to ensure the efficiency of the generators.


    –  On-site technical support: We offer you full training and technical support for our clients to facilitate the process of installing, operating, and maintenance.

    – Variety of products: We provide other products such as light towers, synchronization panels, ATS panel, and Cummins generator to meet the needs of all industries.


    • We aim to fulfill all customer’s preferences and meet all of their needs, and we work hard on that.


    • We will deliver products right on time including; installing, maintenance, spare parts, and after-sale services to meet your needs whatever it is.


    • We design, manufacture, and maintain all Techno Power products on high international standards and we test it before it goes to the customer.


    • Executing different projects according to what customer needs and we try to exceed customer’s expectations and fill the need gap.


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